The Biblical Witness Fellowship is a confessing fellowship of ordinary people and pastors within the United Church of Christ. The organization was founded in 1978 as the United Church People for Biblical Witness and has existed under the name BWF since 1984. We welcome all who are committed to Jesus Christ as Lord and who believe that God’s written Word, the Bible, is true. Members of the BWF affirm the statement of faith known as the Dubuque Declaration (at the end of this document). We seek to hold fast to the historic Christian faith as it has been revealed in Holy Scripture and testified to in the great creeds and confessions of the Church.


    The fellowship has been formed in alarmed response to decades of continued denominational decline that has resulted from the UCC’s theological surrender to the moral and spiritual confusion of contemporary culture. This is a movement of men and women who are committed to the renewal of the local church and the reformation of our denomination.


    Through the publication of our newsletter, The Witness, we seek to inform the rank and file membership of local UCC churches concerning what is being done in their name and with their money in the wider church. Through local and national conferences, we work to empower the laity for service to Jesus Christ in the area of denominational and local church renewal.

For more information visit the BWF website.

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